Make a list of the grocery items you want. Write a detailed description of each item, including:
✔Brand                      Nasco,Kellogg
ItemName milk,bread,fish,crackers
Item Type wholemilk,wholegrainbread
Packaging 16 oz.can, loaf, 6 pack,smallbox
DeliveryWe will call to setup a date/time. 

Check the type of grocery and specify the quantity you would prefer. In order to guarantee delivery, please return this form no later than one (1) week prior to your request date. Please indicate if you require organic (O) or gluten free (GF) items. In addition, unless otherwise noted, generic or lower priced brands will be selected where applicable.

All items will be delivered and stocked in your residence or place of employment for your convenience.

Grocery Delivery Charges. We include delivery charges in all of our operations. Payment is required before or at time of credit repayment. Delivery is restricted to a predefined area. Delivery may not be available in your area.We reserve the right to decline delivery for any reason. Charges may change at anytime.

Enter additional items via email to quoting your Breukr Credit ID Number


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